About Us

We have been heavily involved in the field of Home Safety Solutions since 1991, and our vast experience positions us as an industry leader.


During our journey - and through our expertise and genuine care we have gained exclusive access to a world-leading Home Safety Package which protects people and property against the harsh consequences of BurglaryHome InvasionFire and Medical emergencies, all contained within the one feature-packed system.  However, we believe that our longevity and credibility is due to MORE than supplying the best and most affordable products of award- winning superiority- it’s also due to our enviable culture of Ethics, High Standards, Respect and genuine Customer Care.  In fact, even prior to showing people our ‘Safety Action Initiative’ and ‘Exclusive Solution’, we give them our ‘Standards Feedback Form’ to guarantee our impeccable ethics are adhered to.  All feedback is reviewed and measured by our Company Directors.


Our customers gain invaluable Peace Of Mind through our amazing, easy to use technologically advanced productAND our exceptional Culture of genuine Care.


We don’t just ‘claim’ to be the best we can be – we have a driving passion to ‘live it’ through the quality of our Products and the total satisfaction of our customers!